Thursday, August 9, 2007


Looking for a subject or leige? Post your offer in comments.


Ana Boogiewoogie said...

I'm looking for loyal subjects. I give land to my subjects (*bribes you*) and i'm hoping to build up to get many subjects UNDER the subjects I get. xD

Right now my rank is Marquise, and i'm close to duchess. So if you're high enough rank to leave your liege and aren't happy with your liege, come to meeeee. <33

Ana Boogiewoogie. (IM me in world. On alot.. )

Trinity Beltran said...

I am also looking for new, active subjects and I am happy to give you land to get you started. I can also offer hints, tips etc on Tiny empires, please feel free to IM me, I am inworld daily :D

Trinity Beltran.

Zaclegend Usher said...

Hello this morning noble subject.... Greetings this hour, please forgive me if I have so bothered you. Merly wishing to offer you grace and a seat within my court and council. If such would be fair to your wishes please respond, and if not thanks for your time and again sorry if I have so bothered thee.. if such is a concideration please so accept my noble soul.. Unto the grace and Honor of the Kingdom... We offer daily 0% taxes, not all day jsut most of the day, and help on your downline, and acre if he can, as well as i am trying for king, so I hope when i get closer we can get the kingdom at 0% taxes, so IM me, IM ONLINE DAILY

~ Prince Zaclegend Usher of Avalon

MorganDanielle Weatherwax said...

Hi, I am also looking for subjects I am always willing to give a few acres and to give any advice I can. IM me if you are interested or if you just want to chat about Tiny Empires. :)

Anonymous said...

I would like subjects, too. IM me online I am on every day early in the morning 3-7 am SLT and then again in the afternoon and evening from about 1 pm till ??

I will offer land to help you get started...also information about TE and help when you get lost, stuck or confused.

Bobo Podolsky

Avalon Birke said...

Just got my HUD and am liege-less...what are the qualities to look for in a liege? The game offers to randomly assign me one, but...any suggestions on how to find a great liege?


GreenShamrock McMahon said...

My very warmest wishes that this greeting finds you well, I see that you are enjoying Tiny Empires as well. I am Princess Greenshamrock McMahon of Lothlorien's House of Cyr. I would like to take this opportunity to extent to you a personal invitation to join our family and our home through both Tiny Empires and Second Life.In Lothlorien we pay no taxes while our Queen is online. You are welcome to see our line at
Please take just a moment to consider this offer join us. There are more than 30 of us and we are working towards our own Darkness Empire so we can accept any rank who would like to become part of our family. I eagerly await your response.

Madison Weatherwax said...

If anyone can help me make Queen I will join them.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt we all

Countess Astraea Zheng said...

Good day, I am Countess Astraea Zheng from the Mayhapsibly line. If you are looking for a leige please im me inworld. Bribes I will hand out to those who prove loyal.

Have a lovely day!

Avalon Birke said...

Just a brief update - soon after my post I joined the Mayhapsibly line and am now at Princess level. Thanks to everyone for their responses! :)

Caroline Willi said...

I am a Duchess of Bohemia, and am looking for loyal subjects. I offer rewards for loyalty. I am online over 8 hours a day.

MikoSkye said...

hello! I'm currently looking for loyal subjects, and gives land for loyalty and helpful tips for new players just starting out! We take anyone in as our own and value good, honest, playing above anything else. Hope to hear from you soon! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Well,hello all im currently recruit subjects i play uk times therefore would be idea as a liege for uk/european players get in touch if you fancy it IN -World katy Harrop.
(Like a lonely hearts coloum this) HAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

If you can bring 20k acres to a new kingdom, I can add 9k acres to your downline. Contact Indiana Bade by IM.

Anonymous said...

Take me to your leader

Neeks Karu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TeuffelHunde Mandelkorn said...

If you are considering a change I would love for you to join us ! I am very excited about our line. I will be ascending soon to be King of our own kingdom, The Kingdom of Music. This kingdom is all about supporting music in Second Life. If you like the music scene, 7 Seas Fishing, NASTUBE Racing, hanging with friends and doing different things - come and join us!
IM me or Charm March in world.
Thank you,
TeuffelHunde Mandelkorn

Anonymous said...

Im Ali virgo I started playing Te July 01 2009 and I have 8073 total and 1200 personal acres. Im looking for any one who wants to acceend and be willing to help me get my total accres above 20 k plz

Anonymous said...

Ali Virgo
Looking for someone with 5000 plus acres. I can place 12 K acres under them. For short or long time.

Zaka Woodget said...

Looking for loyal subjects.
Promise to give subjects under subjects after i get enough... >_> subjects
acres, and gold(if you reject a diffrent offer)

Zaka Woodget

Teuffelhunde said...

The Kingdom of Music was established Aug. 27, 2009. We are building this Tiny Empires Kingdom for Musicians, Singers, DJ’s, Venue Owners, Promoters of Music in Second Life® and everyone who loves the Second Life® Music Scene.
We support each other in our various ventures in SL. We would love for you to come and join us! IM Charm March or myself in-world, you can also e-mail me.
Thank you,
TeuffelHunde Mandelkorn
King of the Kingdom of Music

Anonymous said...

Laken Sweetwater
I can palce 22,000 acres under any subejct or a line of subejcts regardless of rank or subject count. Send me a note card with your name. you can stay with me for as long as you like
even if its just to accend.

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Neeks Karu said...

Royal PITA of Grigori looking for like minded subjects to make her Kings life a misery!!

❂Duct Tape and Hot Wax supplied
❂Poking Stick available @ good rates
❂unlimited popcorn/ coffee
❂Flexible Hours!
❂Active Liege (pays Abbott!)

If this sounds like fun (and it is!)then drop me a IM in world and we'll scheme.. I mean.. chat!!

Neeks Karu