Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Fun Slander

Dish the dirt in comments here.


Heartun Breaker said...

Lady NameWithheld: I sent you an offer but you didnt take it :P

Lady NameWithheld: hehe

Lady NameWithheld: Thats why i made the face.

Lady NameWithheld: hehe

(Long Pause)

Lady NameWithheld: Almost 300,000 :P

(Very Long Pause)

Heartun Breaker: Sorry hun, I was eating after recruiting a Marquis.

That took a hell of a lot of negotioation... then about an hour and a half to do the allegiance switching. Nice to meet you!

Lady NameWithheld: Are you also a free agent? :P

Heartun Breaker: Absolutely

Lady NameWithheld: Who are you under now?

Lady NameWithheld: There are certain people I dislike a lot! LOL

Lady NameWithheld: If you are under one i'll be glad to take you! LOL

Heartun Breaker: I'm under Celty Westwick

Lady NameWithheld: Darn, you aren't under them. hehe

Lady NameWithheld: im looking for subjects that'll stay with me too.

Lady NameWithheld: i have the strongest line i think, well i used to for a long time, i'm not sure what its at now.

Lady NameWithheld: You should of taken my offer :P

Heartun Breaker: 300,000 in gold?

Lady NameWithheld: It was like around 270 or something, maybe 30 min ago :)

Heartun Breaker: Oh, I stopped bribing people with gold and acreage back when I was a Viscountess, and I'm not interested in a gold or acreage bribe, thank you anyway.

Lady NameWithheld: hehehehe

Lady NameWithheld: Most of my subjects are all my friends, i dont usually bribe either.

Heartun Breaker: I didn't know many of my subjects, and none very well, before playing.

Lady NameWithheld: But you had 700 acres, or near it, hehe. It would put me over 3000 acres :P

Heartun Breaker: Yes, I'm at 680 acres.

Lady NameWithheld: im just under 3000 right now

Heartun Breaker: nice, that should take me another week or so to get there. I've been playing 5 days now.

Lady NameWithheld: hehehehe

Lady NameWithheld: i've been playing like 2 weeks or so. hehe it gets harder. When your subjects are princess or duke /duchess its hard to keep them.

Heartun Breaker: I figure if I grab a few more marquis and such I'll be allright. I figured that was going to be your offer.

Lady NameWithheld: hehe i can try to get you subjects if you want. i did that for Jaelle. But she left me, i dont know if you saw her loose titles the other day. LOL

Heartun Breaker: Today I recruited 5 subjects for my lineage. One for me, four for subjects.

Lady NameWithheld: hehehe

Heartun Breaker: So how longhave you been playing?

Lady NameWithheld: Since a few days after it started. hehe

Heartun Breaker: How old is Tiny Empires?

Lady NameWithheld: im not sure... maybe 3 weeks at the most. hehe

Heartun Breaker: cool

Lady NameWithheld: i was the first to get to princess, duchess, marquise, viscountess etc. LOL

Heartun Breaker: Yeah, I am sure it was nice back then.

Lady NameWithheld: someone beat me to the top 10 when i was new. i was the second to top 10 but i dont think they play anymore cause I havent seen them.

(Medium Pause)

Heartun Breaker: Well, my subjects need me... nice talking with you! TTFN, stay in touch!

Lady NameWithheld: oook :) hehe

Lady NameWithheld: What do they need you for?

Heartun Breaker: I help in closing deals to bring on more subjects for them, of course.

Lady NameWithheld: hehehe

Lady NameWithheld: How can I get you as my subject? i like your motivation LOL

Heartun Breaker: Do what I do... make an offer that cannot be refused.

Lady NameWithheld: hmmm

(Long Pause)

Lady NameWithheld: Do you want princess title? :P

Heartun Breaker: I'll have that tomorrow, if not tonight.

Lady NameWithheld: i was going to say i could give you one of my subjects.

Heartun Breaker: aww. hun.. That isn't a gift, it's a loaner. When I give a subject to one of mine its always fresh meat. That's probably why I haven't lost any subjects yet. And that's how I can recruit a marquis when I am a dutchess.

Lady NameWithheld: hehe

Heartun Breaker: I gave the marquis a free standing, fresh meat, 'not in my lineage' viscount to come to me.

Lady NameWithheld: What do you offer your subjects? :P

Heartun Breaker: Meat, its the only thing that keeps em.

Lady NameWithheld: Meat?

Lady NameWithheld: What do you mean? hehe

Heartun Breaker: I mean what keeps them isn't when I give them one of MY subjects. What keeps them loyal to me is when I give them one of YOUR subjects.

There's no real loyalty in a game... you've no doubt paid a ton of gold to temporarily 'borrow' subjects and found that out. Feed them real subjects of their own if you want them to stay.

Lady NameWithheld: Thats what i mean

Lady NameWithheld: hehe

Lady NameWithheld: i'll give you one of my loyal subjects :P They'll stay with you cause i tell them to :P

(Short Pause)

Heartun Breaker: Like you did for your friend Jaelle? The one who lost titles the other day?

Lady NameWithheld: i have a subject with 1600 land :P

Heartun Breaker: I'll let you keep that one. hehehehe :D

(this was reposted after being moved from the main TE blog)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That stings! Heartun, you are a bitch from hell... but you sure aint stupid like that Lady!

I gotta know, though, which Lady is it... there are at least 500 in SL according to the search button.


Anonymous said...

There may be a lot of "Lady"s in SL, but I'll bet not many are in TE.

(reposted when moved)

Anonymous said...

That sounds awfully familiar to my conversation with Lady. She one of the first players and has a downstream made up of her SL subjects. Turning them into Tiny Empires subjects just made sense I guess.

(republished when moved)

Anonymous said...

" Lady NameWithheld: Who are you under now?

Lady NameWithheld: There are certain people I dislike a lot! LOL

Lady NameWithheld: If you are under one i'll be glad to take you! LOL"


What a puke: taking it a bit seriously eh?

(reposted when moved)

Not a Lady said...

ah, the lady. i talked to some ex-players who quit over her. she sounds like a anti-advertisement for the game.

(republished when moved)

Anonymous said...

If someone was taken with my lindens I would be pissed. How much gold is a liden?

(republished when moved)

Beneath a Pile of S**it said...

I told the top of my line that I wasn't happy with my leige. He told one of his subjects to recruit me, it just happened to be my leige's leige. She contacted my leige and told him of an unhappy potential recruit.

So my leige contacted me and tried to recruit me!

Are these fucktards even aware of who is beneath them?

Anonymous said...

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